Our True Story of the Making of the Worship Band

This is a short video of a contest our church was in that was put on by Worship Leader Magazine. Along with other sponsers like Lifeway./Worship, Media Shout, INORECORDS, Yamaha, Worshiphousemedia, and Gospel Music Channel. A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU ALL. God bless you. www.southhavenforjesus.com<br /><br />

Pator Eric Jarvis<br /><br />

First Assembly of God<br /><br />

Tricia DeVries (Worship Leader)<br />

Lisa Schneider (Worship Leader)<br />

Rose Lindemulder(Piano, Vocal)<br />

Denae Lindemulder (Piano/Guitar/Vocal)<br />

Sami Ortiz (Piano, Vocal)<br />

Scott Garvison (Guitar, Vocal)<br />

Tim DeVries (Guitar, Vocal)<br />

John Schneider (Bass Guitar, Vocal)<br />

Mike Brower (Bass Guitar, Piano, Vocal)<br />

Mike Forrest (Drums)<br />

Kevin Ortiz (Drums)<br />

DJ Lindemulder (Drums)<br />

Lesley Forrest (Vocal, Congas)<br />

Jennifer Jarvis (Vocal)<br />

Heather Stroud (Vocal)

Kaylee Dutkiewicz (Flute)

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