Stryper - To Hell With The Devil live 2004

Christian Metal Band Stryper reunite and sound as great as ever.rnrnLyrics:rn[Verse 1]rnSpeak of the devilrnHe's no friend of minernTo turn from him is what we have in mindrnrn[Verse 2]rnJust a liar and a thiefrnThe word tells us sornWe like to let him knowrnWhere he can gornrn[Chorus]rnTo hell with the devilrnTo hell with the devilrnrn[Verse 3]rnWhen things are going wrongrnYou know who to blamernHe will always livernUp to his namernrn[Verse 4]rnHe's never been the answerrnThere's a better wayrnWe are here to rock yournAnd to say...rnrn[Repeat Chorus]

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