Angels Over Berlin

A poem to remind us of the bright and beautiful angels who are always watching over us. Grace Andreacchi reads her poem 'Angels Over Berlin' from the poem cycle 'Berlin Elegies', a reflection of the bleak and beautiful city that gave it life. Read the rest at

Not every angel is terrible/
There are good angels and bad angels/
One must learn to distinguish/
There are angels that stand at the door of the dead/
They've only come to take us home/
Still we fear their company/
Angels who sit and wait/
their hands in their golden laps/
for us to make a mistake/
then rush in where all others/
fear to tread/
Bad angels lead us astray/
into gleaming gardens of fake flowers/
Know a bad angel by his charm/
and by his sense of humour/
The good in bright armour/
clank about the sky/
throttle nightmares/
and thrust man-hungry demons down to hell/
The best pity us/
weep for our sins/
Sit down beside us in our sorrow/
and touch us with gentle hands/
They carry our love - that heavy burden/
All the way up the sky/
And bring us gifts we cannot see or touch/
and do not value much and cast away/
Then spread their wings/
a canopy of light above our sleep/copyright 2008 by Grace Andreacchi Hadas/
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