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Maui Miracle 8 - Miracle in Paradise

When you think of paradise you think you would never have another problem, everything will always be perfect. Well, that isn’t the reality of life. The reality of life is that those who live in “paradise” have problems just like the rest of us. However, that is where God steps in and does His mighty work.

The Pentecostals of Maui, living in paradise, needed some miracles. Evangelist Gary Ashcraft was preaching a Revival Crusade and God showed up with the miracles, touching the lives of people who were in need.

One Sister told us she had hurt her back many years before. The injury had torn the ligaments that connect the spine to the pelvis. She had also hurt her knees playing sports. These injuries kept her from being able to run and even made walking difficult. She was plagued with migraines and anemia. God touched her body and healed her! She no longer bleeds a lot. There are no dizzy spells, nor does she black out. She doesn’t have spots before her eyes, like flashes from a camera, any longer. Even her vision has improved and the doctor gave her a new prescription that is weaker than the old one.

She said she was walking up a hill one day. Music was playing on her I pod and worship was bubbling in her soul. Suddenly she felt to run. She wanted to run really bad, however, she knew if she did she would be hurt. As the doubts and fears came against her she remembered that Evangelist Ashcraft had told her that she was already healed. She ran and has continued to run over a mile a day. She has full range of motion and use of her legs. God is a healer.

Another Sister told of having bad migraines. She had hurt her back lifting a heavy object but had not told anyone but her family about it. When she went to the Revival Crusade Evangelist Ashcraft prayed for her back and God healed it. Later she pinched a nerve in her back and God

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