Joe McCarthy Tribute part 1 of 2

This video is dedicated to Joseph McCarthy for his 40 years of service. We thank you for your relentless commitment to the Lord's work and helping so many come to a better life in Christ. You, Suzanne, Karissa, Caly and Janelle are a beautiful and righteousness example of a family built on Godly principles. You have also been a great example of unity and hospitality for us as we continue to grow together on our walk of faith into your reTIREment. As you put on a new set of tires, as you said, not to stop, but to continue down the road less traveled, growing and serving together. We love you and we appreciate all you have done. Special thanks from your friends at: The Montclair Immaculate Conception Church, Wesley Church, Washington Church, Demarest Church, Trinity United Methodist Church of Hackettstown and the thousands of others you have blessed along your path. Poem written/spoken by: Kenny Hom - Video Music selection: Anthony Pami - Pictures provided by: Michele Leinaweaver - Video editing: Dennis Quirk

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