Miracle Neck Healing

It is all about His Presence. There is healing, there is name change, there are promises, there are breakthroughs and there is wealth, in His Presence. In His Presence people are saved, healed and set free. The only thing that can raise the dead is His Presence. Be Set Free in His Presence. Robbie Cairncross spends much time, one on One with Jesus. The spill over can be viewed on Jesus Be Set Free TV. An ordinary man used Supernaturally by an Extraordinary God. When He ministers, His body transfigures into that of Jesus Christ. People do not see him, But Jesus appears to them directly. Wow. Read about His encounters and meeting David, Paul & Elisha who was introduced to him, by Jesus as well as transfiguring testimonies on www.JesusBeSetFree.tv

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