The Universal Family Flag

The greatest flag in the World, representing the greatest institutions in the world, marriage and the family. This is the debut of The Universal Family Flag. Notice the unique way the family is depicted on the flag, This flag is the beginning of a movement to turn the hearts of the fathers back to the wives and children as individual and collective families. We have many long term and short term goals; one of which is to have The Universal Family Flag flown at the United Nations,The Olympic games, in every court house and school. We also have products that display The Universal Family Flag. Due to the complex nature of the flag a logo for the flag has been created for commercial purpose. The Universal Family Flag anthem has been invented to be song with the flag, also with a pledge of allegiance. For more information visit our web site the-universal-Ã��Ã�­Ã��Ã�­ You can contact me at theuniversalfamilyflaÃ��Ã�­[email protected]

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