Musical Comedian Jon Courtenay Earns Golden Buzzer With Funny Piano Audition

Musical Comedian Jon Courtenay Earns Golden Buzzer With Funny Piano Audition

On Britain’s Got Talent, Jon Courtenay earns a golden buzzer after his funny and heartfelt piano audition.

Right before he starts his performance, it is clear that 46-year-old Jon is overwhelmed that he is actually on the Britain’s Got Talent stage. It is something that he has dreamed about for a while. For his audition, he plays a song that he wrote about his life.

“The fact is he never thought he’d ever get to be
In front of millions of people, doing his thing on TV
30 years of playing in piano bars and pubs
Dodging glasses when they’re thrown, being thrown out of clubs
When his children ask ‘Daddy, when are you coming home?’
This game is not the same when your just Daddy on the phone
So, he sits at the piano and he tries to get prepared
Thinking he’ll write it in third person, so he doesn’t feel as scared”

As he is playing, his youngest son is wiping away happy tears as his father sings. Jon goes on to sing about how he wants to chase this dream of his for his boys.

“If he didn’t see it through, imagine how sad
The look on the faces of both his lads
Who always tell him, ‘You’re the greatest showman, Dad.’”

Jon then ends his performance with playing the melody to ‘This Is Me’ from The Greatest Showman. When he concludes his audition, the whole crowd erupts in cheers and gives him a standing ovation!

“The judges are standing up Alfie!” Jon’s wife says to their youngest son. Then his older son runs up on stage to give his dad a big hug.

“John, it was just a wonderful audition,” says Simon Cowell. “You’re somebody who has worked for years, needs a break. You’ll get a huge reaction from this, I promise you. And we all want you to do well.”

Then, the two hosts run up to the judges table and give their golden buzzer to Jon! What a beautiful moment as Jon embraces his teenage son while golden confetti rains down on them on stage!

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