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'He Lives' Acoustic Performance From Church Of The City

'He Lives' Acoustic Performance From Church Of The City

Church of the City gives a powerful acoustic performance of their new song ‘He Lives.’

“See the tomb where He laid
See the stone rolled away
He is risen, He is risen
He’s alive
See His hands, see His feet
Touch His scars and believe
He is risen, He is risen
He’s alive
Oh, He's alive

He lives
All honor and power are His
All glory forever, amen
Jesus lives”

All of the people singing or playing instruments in this video are involved at Church of the City in some type of ministry. The church is located in Nashville, TN. The writers of ‘He Lives’ are Chris McClarney, Anthony Skinner, Jonathan Smith, and the scripture references that they used were 1 Timothy 1:17 and Matthew 28:6.

These men are old friends that ended up back in ministry together. They have been writing songs as a group for a long time, and one of the popular songs that they wrote together in the past was ‘Your Love Never Fails.’

In ‘He Lives,’ they created an amazing song that is full of energy and celebration. It is encouraging, uplifting, and full of truth.

When talking about the song writing process for ‘He Lives,’ Chris McClarney shares how they went about coming up with a theme. “It became, ‘can we write an Easter song that is focused on the resurrection, as opposed to focused on the cross.’ Which the cross is super important, and we have a ton of songs that talk about it, but there aren’t a ton of songs that say ‘He rose! He’s alive!’, Chris shares. “So, we kind of went into it with the boundaries of ‘Let’s just talk about the resurrection.’ Because we need something for Easter morning.”

Anthony Skinner also gave some of his thoughts about the song during the interview. “I think it was good that we had those parameters, because I think we came away with something that I’m excited for worship leaders everywhere to be able to use,” he says. “It’s such an accessible song. It’s a great opener. It’s the kind of song that people are always looking for in their set. I think it’s going to serve a lot of different situations.”

As we head into the Easter season, ‘He Lives’ is the perfect new song to point you to Jesus!