12-Year-Old Ashley Marina Sings 3 Times For Simon Then Earns A Standing Ovation

12-Year-Old Ashley Marina Sings 3 Times For Simon Then Earns A Standing Ovation

12-year-old Ashley Marina sang 3 different songs during her America’s Got Talent audition before finally earning a standing ovation.

When we first met Ashley, she immediately won us over with her contagious personality and positivity. We even met Ashley’s best friend, her adorable guinea pig who helps her with vocal warm-ups. But when she stepped onto the America’s Got Talent stage, things weren’t so positive.

After belting out the lyrics to Martina McBride's ‘Anyway,’ I thought Ashley would easily move on to the next round. But before the song was through, judge Simon Cowell held up his hand to stop the song. "I think you've got a good voice. It's a good song, but not right for you, the first one."

He asked Ashley to perform her second song, without the backing track. So, this young talent sang Sia’s hit song ‘Opportunity’ completely a cappella.

Once again, Simon stopped the singer and offered her a chance to come back later with an entirely new song that showcased her vocals. While grateful for the opportunity, Ashley felt nervous about her song selection.

After some stressful moments, Ashley decided to sing from the heart and use an original song written about her father titled ‘You'll Always Be My Hero.’ And this one was a definite hit with the audience and judges. The 12-year-old even earned a thumbs-up from Simon after the performance.

Now, Ashley will move on to the next round of competition where she will continue to compete for the title of America’s top talent. Who else is rooting for this girl?

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