10-Year-Old Roberta Battaglia Earns Golden Buzzer With Powerhouse Vocals

10-Year-Old Roberta Battaglia Earns Golden Buzzer With Powerhouse Vocals

10-year-old Roberta Battaglia wows the world with her stunning rendition of ‘Shallow’ on America’s Got Talent.

When Roberta stepped on stage, she was full of nerves. Before her performance, she even needed a moment to calm herself. But as soon as the music started, we all realized that Roberta is unlike any other voice on the show.

As she belted out the lyrics to ‘Shallow’ by Lady Gaga, you can see the look of surprise from the judges.

“I'm off the deep end, watch as I dive in
I'll never meet the ground
Crash through the surface, where they can't hurt us
We're far from the shallow now”

During the performance, notoriously tough judge Simon Cowell implored the others to close their eyes and just listen to how mature Roberta’s voice sounded. As the song ended, the entire theater came to their feet for a roaring standing ovation for the future star.

Roberta was immediately overcome with emotion. Newest judge Sophia Vergara said, “It was amazing. It was breathtaking. You’re 10 years old. That’s impossible to sing like that at 10 years old.” After receiving rave reviews from all the other judges,

Roberta shared that despite her talent she was still bullied in school. That’s when Sophia decided to send a message to all of Roberta’s bullies. “Let’s see who’s going to bully you after this.”

With that, she reached over and pressed the golden buzzer sending a stream of confetti down on the young girl. With tears in her eyes, Roberta watched her AGT dreams come true.

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