'Rejoice' Beautiful Worship From Brad And Rebekah

'Rejoice' Beautiful Worship From Brad And Rebekah

The husband-and-wife worship duo, Brad and Rebekah, perform their new worship song ‘Rejoice’ in this beautiful music video.

This powerful song is full of beautiful lyrics that speak such truth. And listening to Brad and Rebekah sing these words is sure to touch your soul!

“Lift your eyes, don't worry about tomorrow
Peace will come, and still every anxious thought
'Cause He's not done, forever and always faithful

Rejoice, rejoice, oh my soul
He is good, He is always good
Rejoice, rejoice, oh my soul
He is good, He is always good to us”

What a great reminder that true peace can be found in God. He is unshakable, unmoving, and never-changing. He is there to shoulder our burdens that seem too heavy for us to carry. The Lord is always good to us.

Brad and Rebekah recently released an album titled Sound of Heaven last year.

“What is the Sound the of Heaven?” Brad and Rebekah ask on their website. “It’s the people of God. Us. It is our calling, in whatever arena, to be His light, His hands and feet to a lost world. These songs are a declaration of the desire to walk in the identity of Christ and be the audible and visible Sound of Heaven.”

The day before their album became available for pre-order, Rebekah was diagnosed with a rare form of lyposarcoma cancer. After that, the songs that the duo had written for others “became the anthems they needed to declare God's faithfulness as He provided time and again, moved mountains and ultimately brought healing to Rebekah.”

These two so clearly demonstrate God’s faithfulness and love in their music. And this message is something that underlies all of their work. What a beautiful thing to see this family using their gifts to bring God glory and bring people closer to Christ.