College Marching Band Member Goes Viral For Cymbal Performance

College Marching Band Member Goes Viral For Cymbal Performance

A Fresno State University marching band member has the Internet in stitches with his hilarious cymbal dance routine.

We all love a good marching band. There’s something about upbeat music and school pride that always puts a smile on our face.

20-year-old Travis Morris has been playing instruments since high school. He has always loved playing and he also loves to perform.

During a recent football game at his college, Travis decided to show off some of his incredible dance skills. And while Travis plays saxophone and other percussion instruments, it was the cymbal that became the star of the show.

While simultaneously playing the cymbal, Travis pulled off some amazing moves. His energetic performance was so well received that once the clip was posted online, he quickly went viral. In fact, his video has been viewed millions of times across social media.

Now, Travis is appearing on news shows and daytime television sharing his positive attitude and passion for music. Travis told Good Morning America, "That passion honestly comes from the Bulldog fans--I feed off their energy. It's awesome to see people appreciate music." I couldn’t agree more.

It’s so amazing to see traditional music make its way in our newsfeed. And Travis’ upbeat personality and dance moves are certainly a moment that you don’t want to miss. This truly takes me back to the good old days of Friday night football games and watching the marching band in the bleachers.

Don’t you wish that you could see something like this at your next football game?