Kathie Lee Gifford On Her 'Crippling' Loneliness Before Moving To Nashville

Kathie Lee Gifford On Her 'Crippling' Loneliness Before Moving To Nashville

For eleven years, Kathie Lee was a staple on the fourth hour of TODAY with co-host Hoda Kotb.

Before that, she won over the hearts of America with Regis and Kathie Lee. But everything changed in 2015 when Kathie Lee lost her husband, Frank Gifford.

After 29 years of marriage, Kathie found him on the floor of the home that they shared together. Even though she knew that Frank was with God, she still felt a huge pang of loneliness.

At one time, Kathie’s home in Connecticut was filled with children, animals and the sounds of her husband working outside. Now, the house felt so huge and empty. That is when Kathie knew she needed to make a change.

She told Hoda and Jenna that she thought to herself, “I need to make a new life for myself or this one’s gonna kill me. The loneliness was crippling.” After decades in the spotlight, this beloved host left New York to put down new roots in Nashville.

Since leaving the show, Kathie Lee has been busier than ever with new music, directorial projects and a blossoming social life. And she feels right at home in Nashville. “It’s a cultural of kindness. People are kind. I hear church bells going all the time.”

Kathie Lee has felt an awakening inside herself both mentally and physically. And now, she has the opportunity to pursue her biggest passions.

What a blessing to hear this wonderful TV personality find the happiness that she truly deserves.