Trio Of Firefighters Earn Standing Ovation With 'Leave A Light On'

Trio Of Firefighters Earn Standing Ovation With 'Leave A Light On'

Three firefighters stunned the judges with their moving rendition of ‘Leave A Light On’ during the first round of auditions on Britain’s Got Talent. Oxford firefighters Christian, Adam and Andy make up this talented trio with a gift for singing.

Today, they are taking their dreams all the way to the big stage as they perform for the judges on Britain’s Got Talent. And their rendition of Tom Walker’s ‘Leave A Light On’ definitely struck a chord with the judges.

“If you look into the distance, there's a house upon the hill
Guiding like a lighthouse to a place where you'll be
Safe to feel our grace 'cause we've all made mistakes
If you've lost your way
I will leave the light on”

After the performance, the trio received a standing ovation with judge David Williams singing their praises. David was even more impressed when one of the men demonstrated a fireman’s lift by picking him up and throwing him over their shoulder.

But it was Simon Cowell’s remarks that truly hit home. He said, “I always like actually, people who have regular jobs who want to do something else and worked hard to do it and you tick every box on that. This is what makes this show so special. So, it’s a really good audition well done.”

The trio easily earned a ‘yes’ vote from all four judges and will be returning to the next round of competition.

What did you think of this literally uplifting audition from these men?