Funny Family Performs 'Family Lockdown Boogie'

Funny Family Performs 'Family Lockdown Boogie'

In this hilarious video, one funny family performs their ‘Family Lockdown Boogie’ while they are all quarantined together in one house.

“This one goes out to anyone who’s on coronavirus lockdown with their immediate family,” says the son who is the main singer during this song. “This is the Family Lockdown Boogie.”

The guy then goes on to sing about being stuck in the house with his mother, father, sister, and dog. While they are singing, they can be seen washing their hands, and they all start dancing while dressed up in multiple outfits. It is so funny to watch, and it looks like they had a great time making this!

“Lock the door, hit the floor, it’s the Family Lockdown Boogie
Incarcerated, blood-related, Family Lockdown Boogie
Dancing queen in quarantine, Family Lockdown Boogie
We can’t go out so we’re all about Family Lockdown Boogie”

The creative lyrics will make you laugh, and the catchy tune will make you want to sing along!

“We won’t let this virus divide us so try this with your family, too.” The son goes on to sing about how the family can’t get on each other’s nerves if they’re constantly dancing.

As the whole family is dancing in their bathrobes towards the end of the song, they all start singing precautions that people should be taking during this time.

“Now wash your hands. Do not touch your face. Cough into your arm. Keep two meters of space. Stay inside your bubble. Don’t forget to smile. And for the next four weeks, do a family lockdown freestyle!”

Many people on YouTube have commented on this video talking about how much it makes them laugh. “I've come back to this countless times. Always makes me laugh and smile and shakes the covid19 depression right off,” writes one person. “Thank you all for your contribution to the world! And your little dig, too!”

“OK, I'm going to say it! THIS IS MY FAVOURITE COVID-19 SONG AND DANCE! Brilliant in every way! Funny, creative and so well performed by each and every family member,” comments another person. “This has made my day! Thank you, all the way from my house in Melbourne, Australia.”

What a fun video this family made and a creative way to pass the time while they are all stuck at home together.

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