Creative Cat Helps Owner Make Pottery

Creative Cat Helps Owner Make Pottery

In this adorable video, one creative cat helps his owner with making pottery.

The man starts by dipping his hand in water and then lets the water drops fall onto the spinning clay. As he slowly moves his fingers up the clay, he is concentrating on forming the clay into a small vase or cup. He already has a handful of other clay cups in the background drying, so it is clear that this man is skilled at making ceramics and probably has been doing it for a while.

Then, as his fingers are moving around the spinning clay, his cute cat reaches out his paw and starts to gently touch the clay. The cat wants a chance at the potter’s wheel! The orange furball is clearly interested in what his owner is doing and wants in on the action. The man seems to be in shock and starts to smile as he watches his cat play with the clay.

“Are you catching this?” the man says to the woman who is taking a video of the scene. She says that she is while laughing at what is happening in front of her. The man who was making pottery is so surprised to see his cat doing this and wants to make sure that there is footage of the occurrence so he can go back and watch it later.

“You should see the clay in between his toes,” the man says to the woman filming. Right after he says that, the cat shakes his paw and gets clay in his owner’s face!

What a fun and sweet video! And what a creative and curious cat! Who knows what other hobbies may pique that cat’s interest, but for now, at least, he’s getting his paws into making some clay pottery with his owner.