ORIGINAL: Heal Our Land

ORIGINAL:  Heal Our Land

Original by crusader4Hymn
Live-streamed on JoshWhoTV.com
Broadcast: "Inspirational Music from the Heart"
Date: May 29, 2020
*Footage from NBC News Now of the George Floyd's death protests

Heal Our Land - Lyrics

Where are you now?
Where are you now?
This land needs you now.
It needs you so very much.
Can you heal our land?

We’re seeking an answer.
But can we find one?
We’re seeking an answer.
Can we find one?
Can we find One?

Are we searching for the way home?
We cry out and no one listens.
We cry out!
Does anyone care?
Does anyone know?
Does anyone know?

Heal our land,
Heal our hearts.
Heal our land,
Heal our soul!

We’re tired of chasing dreams we cannot get to.
Dreams that, they’re so far away.
We want someone to hear us, Lord.