Daddy-Daughter Dance Off During Quarantine Has Unexpected Ending

Daddy-Daughter Dance Off During Quarantine Has Unexpected Ending

You may be surprised to see who the winner is of this fun daddy-daughter dance off during quarantine. Check out their sweet dance moves!

The father and daughter in the video are Chris and Brooklyn Starkey. “C & B in the house!” the father says at the start of the video. “It’s a quarantine Monday. My daughter challenged me real quick while I was working away to a little dance challenge. I don’t think she realizes how much a 38-year-old can still throw it down.”

“57,” his daughter says as she quickly corrects his age.

“51,” says Chris as he corrects his daughter. “Anyway, let’s do this!”

That’s when he cues his other daughter to start the music while his wife is filming the dance off.

“Put your hands in the air! All two of you!” Chris comically says as he gets ready to start dancing with Brooklyn. “And stay 6 feet apart when you’re throwing your hands up in the air.”

As the music starts, both the father and daughter break out into choreographed dance moves. They are really good and look like they are having so much fun together! What a great way to get moving during the coronavirus quarantine.

After the dance off, Chris posted the video on Facebook asking people to vote for who they think won. Some of the comments included: “He won all the way!”, “Dad can bust a move! That's so amazing having some fun with his daughter. She's good, too!”, “Gotta give dad the vote.”, and “That looked so fun! The old man won by a pinch but next year he better watch it! She’s a close second!”

Once Chris saw that their video went viral, he posted on Facebook about how he appreciates everyone’s support.

“Hello all, it brings tears to my eyes that Brooklyn and I just hit 1 million views. We are dropping our next one next Monday! We are so grateful! Give back to your community, everyone needs this! Be safe,” he writes.

It’s great to see people using humor and fun to encourage others and make people smile during this time.

It’s a quarantine Monday PLEASE VOTE. My daughter challenged me to a dance off and said I don’t have it anymore. See that closet in the back she is still crying in it!!! VOTE VOTE!!!

Posted by Chris Starkey on Monday, March 23, 2020