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Quick-Thinking Customer Uses Cart To Stop Shoplifter

Quick-Thinking Customer Uses Cart To Stop Shoplifter

The community of Peachtree, Georgia is thanking one bystander after he uses a shopping car to stop a shoplifter.

It was a scary situation at a grocery store in Georgia when a man fled the store as police chased after him. As he rushes across the parking lot, other people stop to look at the commotion. That is when one of the onlookers decides to step in and help out the officers in pursuit.

This quick-thinking shopper turned his shopping cart towards the running man and released the cart. It was a perfectly timed moment and the cart ran right into the fleeing suspect.

The alleged shoplifter tripped over the cart and fell to the ground, giving the police officers just enough time to catch up with the suspect and take him into custody. As the officers take the alleged shoplifter away, you can even see on of the cops give the ‘shopping cart hero’ a pat on the back.

The entire moment was captured on security cameras and body cams. It was truly a nerve-wrecking situation but this innocent bystander didn’t hesitate to offer assistance. And he timed that cart push perfectly!

Now, the suspect is in custody and Inside Edition reported that the ‘41-year-old suspect is facing charges of felony shoplifting and obstruction of an officer.’ Thank goodness that this onlooker was in the exact right place at the right time. Who else thinks God had a hand in this? What did you think of this scary parking lot situation?