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Off Duty Cops Thwart Robbery Attempt During Date Night

Off Duty Cops Thwart Robbery Attempt During Date Night

Two off duty cops prevented a robbery attempt while enjoying dinner together. Talk about a heroic date night!

Police officers Chase and Nicole McCowan from Louisville, Kentucky are newlyweds who got married six months ago. They recently decided to go to their favorite restaurant to enjoy a nice date together. What was supposed to be a nice, quiet night turned into this couple saving the day!

While the two were eating in the back of the restaurant, a masked gunman barged through the front doors, showed his gun, and yelled at the cashier to give him all the cash in the register.

“I can see the man’s hands and I can see the firearm in his hand,” says Chase as he recounts the night’s events.

Nicole quickly knew something was up as soon as she saw the cashier’s reaction. “It wasn’t until I saw the cashier’s hands go up like this, and I looked at [my husband] and was like ‘Is he doing what I think he’s doing?’” said Nicole.

That’s the moment when the pair jumped out of their booth, raised their guns, and charged the armed robber.

“He went right, and I went left,” said Nicole. “And it prevented him from coming out the back.”

“It’s one of those things when we train, we train to not be in front of each other to avoid crossfire across or one behind another,” explains Chase.

The police couple chased the robber out the front door and held down the suspect at gunpoint until backup arrived. Chase and Nicole make quite the pair and are now being hailed as heroes! Bet these crime-fighting newlyweds didn’t expect their date night to turn out this way, but it’s a good thing that they were in the right place at the right time so they could step in to save the day!