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Police Officer Saves Choking Baby On The Side Of The Highway

Police Officer Saves Choking Baby On The Side Of The Highway

In a quick-thinking and heroic act, a police officer saves a choking baby on the side of a highway.

Mario Herrera is a New Mexico State Police Officer, and thanks to his life-saving assistance, Daniel and Stephanie Corona’s 11-month-old baby boy is safe and sound. Officer Herrera rushed to the scene right after he heard the emergency over the radio.

“I heard it, and I just took off. I knew I would get there faster than the ambulance,” said Herrera. “The baby wasn’t responsive, kind of like, slouched over and not making any noise.”

The baby boy’s mother shares more about what was going through her and her husband’s mind right as this nightmare was starting. “We were just so terrified,” said Stephanie Corona. “We got in the car, and we called 911 and drove like crazy to get him to the hospital.”

What started all of this was when the baby boy started choking after he had somehow got a small, plastic star charm stuck in his throat. This star charm was pinned to a bridal bouquet. The same bouquet that was used at Daniel and Stephanie’s wedding, just the day before. What a rollercoaster that must have been to be so elated after marrying the love of your life one day, to fearing for your child’s life the next!

When looking at the video that was recorded by the patrol car’s dash cam, you can see Officer Herrera pulling his car over to the side of the road and rushing to help the baby. He slaps the baby on the back to dislodge the plastic charm. Right after that, the baby spits out the obstruction and begins to cry. His life was saved, thank goodness!

“We are so beyond grateful,” Stephanie says, showing how appreciative she is to Officer Herrera for saving her little boy.