Funny Dad On What People Without Kids Say

Funny Dad On What People Without Kids Say

Dude Dad Taylor Calmus shares the funny phrases that we hear from people without kids.

If you’re a parent, you probably thought a lot of things would be different after you had children. From what you would feed them to how they would be disciplined, we all have these grand ideas of what parenthood will be like.

But the reality is that every single child is different and requires a different course of action. And just when you think you’ve got everything figured out, they will change direction and force you to change everything all over again.

Taylor Calmus, a Los Angeles dad, knows about this all too well. Taylor, also known as Dude Dad, is a father to two young boys. His popular YouTube channel features hilarious videos about fatherhood and has amassed millions of views over the years.

The channel descriptions says that, “He started Dude Dad two weeks before his son Theo was born as way to stay creative while learning to be a father. His purpose for the channel is too entertain, educate and inspire.”

Taylor’s recent video features a look at what people without kids usually say. It’s a hilarious look at our life before children and I’m sure these are phrases that we’ve all heard or said a time or two.

Like when he said “I think I slept too much last night. You know, like when you get too much sleep and you’re just exhausted all day.” I was laughing out loud at his funny depiction of people without kids.

Which one was your favorite?