Parents Are Hilariously Confused By The Evolution Of Dance

Parents Are Hilariously Confused By The Evolution Of Dance

These parents are hilariously confused when their daughter schools them on the evolution of dance.

Over the years, dancing has changed in a lot of different ways. Older styles have been retired and new ones emerge every day.

With the increase in technology, we are consuming these dances in a whole new way. And I think we can all agree that the younger generation definitely has their own unique style and taste.

Today, the Eh Bee Family is taking us on a funny ride through the evolution of dance. The Eh Bee Family is a viral family of four that made a name for themselves on the social platform Vine.

Nowadays, they continue to create content for Facebook and YouTube and have amassed millions of views all across the Internet. To start off this video, we are introduced to the iconic ‘Chicken Dance’ from the 1950s.

Then, we make our way to the 1990s and the ‘Macarena.’ The entire time, the parents are dancing along in the background with a smile on their face. But once they reach the current time period, everything changes.

The daughter takes the lead and these parents are left in the dust. It’s always really fascinating to look at where dance started and where it is currently. And, sometimes, it can be a really hilarious moment of complete misunderstanding.

I’m sure these parents never thought they would see dances like the ones we have today. And the future generation will say the exact same thing!