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Ryan Seacrest Tears Up After Courtney Timmons Walks In Off The Streets For Audition

Ryan Seacrest Tears Up After Courtney Timmons Walks In Off The Streets For Audition

History was made on American Idol when contestant Courtney Timmons walked in off the streets for an emotional audition.

It all started when host Ryan Seacrest spotted Courtney outside of the auditions. That’s when he learned that she had been waiting around all day after discovering that the producers had already started the audition process.

Ryan emphasized with the 22-year-old and said, “The solution to that problem is me just taking you up there and seeing if they let you go.” So he led her right up to the judges who were just as stunned. “No one has heard her. We don’t have any idea what she sounds like.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Courtney started to sing a mind-blowing rendition of ‘Rise Up’ by Andra Day.

“You're broken down and tired
Of living life on a merry go round
And you can't find the fighter
But I see it in you so we gonna walk it out
And move mountains
We gonna walk it out
And move mountains”

After the performance, the judges were in awe. Katy Perry said, “You’re probably the best singer that we’ve seen today.” It was during that moment that the emotions start to take over. “I want to be a singer more than anything. And then when they said this wasn’t an open call, I was a little discouraged,” Courtney explained. “But, when I tell ya’ll, I was gonna sit ALL day.”

Thankfully, the judges agreed that this young singer has what to takes for Hollywood. And with those words, even Ryan couldn’t hold back the tears as everyone surrounded Courtney for an emotional hug. What an incredible story!