Bullied Ballet Dancer Leaves The Judges In Awe On BGT

Bullied Ballet Dancer Leaves The Judges In Awe On BGT

One ballet dancer who was bullied gives it his all and leaves the judges in awe on Britain’s Got Talent.

Jack Higgin is a 14-year-old dancer from Liverpool, England. He started taking dance classes when his mom put him in break dance and hip-hop classes on Saturdays. His love of dance grew from there.

Later, he started taking ballet classes and couldn’t get enough. “I don’t have any other hobbies. It’s just dance, dance, dance for me!” says Jack.

Jack’s mother says that they turned their garage into a little dance studio for him, and he dances non-stop in there in front of the mirrors. “Dancing is Jack’s life,” she shares. Clearly, Jack is committed and dedicated to his craft!

But sadly, when Jack started getting serious with ballet, he started getting bullied.

“I was getting really upset, but dancing, it just makes me feel happy,” Jack shares.

And you can see the joy that Jack finds in dancing just by watching him perform. His audition on Britain’s Got Talent was stunning, and he has such impressive dance moves! So many turns and leaps and flips! His choreography was breathtaking.

When he finishes his dance, Jack gets a standing ovation from the audience. They loved him! And Jack starts getting emotional over the crowd’s overwhelming response.

“It was so moving,” says Judge David. “It’s the passion and commitment with which you dance. Every gesture, every movement had meaning and with emotion. It was really powerful.”

Jack can’t hold back the tears now. He is just overwhelmed with happiness!

“It felt really authentic and genuine,” shares Judge Amanda. “You are a born dancer. This is what you are supposed to do.”

After the words from the judges, they vote and all four of them say yes to Jack going through to the next round of the competition. What a dream come true for dancer Jack!

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