Craig D. Lounsbrough's Web Site

As a therapist and a life coach, helping people simply cannot be isolated to a single one-hour session. The process of deeply and permanently transforming lives involves intersecting individual’s lives at many levels in many different ways.

And because that’s the case, we are consistently attempting to find fresh ways and new avenues to more effectively deliver robust, timely and genuinely helpful resources that are available to individuals far beyond the counseling and coaching process.

Well to do that, we’ve created a broad and far-reaching web site that incorporates a wide array of thoughtfully written articles, highly informative podcasts, timely blogs, a brand new store, access to our new Subscription Service and more. You’ll also find user-friendly access to all of our many Social Media resources as well. All of these various resources are carefully developed to deliver a truly potent and profoundly meaningful growth experience.

It’s my hope that you’ll visit us at And it’s likewise my hope that you’ll walk away with something that will enrich your life for the rest of your life.

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