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What Are We Chasing After?

Money, fame, power, and glory (with all their destructive associations) are just a few of the things that I see other people chasing after—and if the truth be known that I’ve chased after myself. Chasing after those four things seems a bit—well—worldly, doesn’t it. But what if I told you that God knows you need those things, even if you aren’t supposed to chase after them? Sound crazy? Or at least confusing?
But it's only confusing because we don't understand how something given to us through God is so very different than the exact same thing taken by us through our own devices.
Money, fame, power, and glory can be sought after and obtained through human effort; people do it all the time—and most of the time to their own detriment. But money, fame, power, and glory can also be given to us by God.
When all these things are given to us through God, they come to us as a blessing. But when we chase after all these things apart from our relationship with God, they come to us as a curse.

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