Yorkie Wants Nothing To Do With The Snow

Lulu is all dressed up and ready to go out in the snow, but this funny Yorkie has other ideas. Her owner bundled this cutie up for the cold weather conditions in a blue sweater and led Lulu to the door. But as soon as the door opened and Lulu saw all of the white snow on the ground, she promptly changed her mind.

She was so excited to go out, at first, but once she saw the snow, Lulu wouldn't even dip a paw in it. This funny pup turned right around and walked into the other room. Sometimes, when the weather is particularly cold, I act the exact same way as Lulu.

The snow isn't for everyone and this dog is not having it right now. I guess they will have to try for a snow day another time. Has your furbaby ever done something funny like this? I know that mine sure has!

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