Powerball Winners Give Back To Hometown

Last year, the Smith family from Trenton, New Jersey won 284 million dollars in the state lottery. Before they even cashed in the their winnings, they were already thinking up ways to serve others.

Ultimately, the family decided to start a foundation for their community. The family shared that they have always had ideas to better their hometown and "God just now financed us" to give back in bigger ways.

The mother of the family, Pearly used to be a pastor and she has always had a servant's heart. The family still owns the house they grew up in and have plans to renovate it and use it as a place for the homeless to stay.

To date, this incredible family has given back 16 million dollars in school supplies, business training programs, and grants for special needs children and they have no plans to stop there.

What an amazing gift this family is giving to their community!

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