Jesus You Alone are Worthy

Some slight improvements to an earlier upload. To avoid confusion, the old one has been taken down
This song, written by John Vegard Schow, and arranged in co-operation with Sveinung Nygaard, was sung on the CD "Tilhører Deg" - a joint praise collection made by various praise and worship teams from various churches in Bergen, Norway in 2004. The soloist is Natasha Fuglebakk.
This song is so simple that it has taken a long time to come to a satisfactory version in English. I found it necessary to avoid being banale and falling back on clichés and to do this I had to go into the deep underlying message of the song: that is to say the underlying landscape and context, not merely the words. The words in English need to not only fit the tune, but conjour up something of the scope and vision of the original.
The film-clips are taken from the vignette on Vimeo, produced under a Creative Commons share-alike license by Ian Norman and Diana Southern,

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