Pastor Responds Perfectly To Angry Atheist

Pastor Responds Perfectly To Angry Atheist

One of the most popular questions Pastor Greg Locke receives from non-believers is why God allows us to suffer on Earth. Pastor Greg decided to answer the question as best as he could by recalling a trip he took to Nigeria, West Africa with another preacher friend of his.

This friend has severe Cerebral Palsy and wears braces on his legs. While they waited at the airport to fly back home, a stranger tripped over the preacher's legs which led them to strike up a conversation.

The stranger was a devout atheist and they started to talk about the Gospel. This preacher shared his testimony and story of how Cerebral Palsy has changed his life for the better. And when God reveals Himself at the end of the story, I was in absolute awe. What an amazing God we serve!


Posted by Pastor Greg Locke on Monday, July 10, 2017