Daughter Sobs During Mom's Pregnancy Reveal

Mother and wife Alicia Capello had some big news to share with her teenage daughter, Alexa and 4-year-old son Nicholas. Both Alicia and her husband, Anthony, creatively made t-shirts for each of the kids with a special message on them. They put together a gift bag with the shirts for each kid.

When Alexa opened her shirt, it read "Biggest 2003". She thought nothing of it since she's always been the oldest child. But when Nicholas opened his shirt up and it said "Middlest 2012" Alexa got a little confused. It wasn't until Mom and Dad handed them the third shirt that said "Littlest 2018" that Alexa figured out she was getting another sibling.

You can see the pure emotion on Alexa's face when she processes the amazing news and she immediately starts sobbing with tears of joy. Alexa thought that her mother probably wasn't going to have anymore kids after her brother so this news completely shocked her.

What a cute way to share the news of a new sibling! God bless this family and I pray the baby is born happy and healthy.

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