Always Remember

Always Remember

Pastor Mike shares the message "Always Remember".

I want to thank all the men and women who served and are serving in the military. Please keep them in your prayers. They are still out there serving this country to keep us free. It’s great to have the freedom we have in this country . We have the freedom to Worship our one true GOD. That’s a huge Blessing.

There is something I want us to remember. I want us to remember what JESUS did for us. Please make it personal and remember what JESUS did for you. Remember all the times HE has Blessed you with the air we breathe. Waking up in the morning. The shelter we live in. The health we have. We’re still here, we might have some aches and pains but we are still here. We will get a new body when we get to Heaven. No more pain, aches, sadness, hurts.

HE has Blessed us with the food we eat. Blessed every time HE gives us divine protection. HIS peace, comfort, joy, healings. How Blessed are we when we experience HIS presence. When we experience HIS LOVE. There is nothing and I mean nothing like it. There’s nothing better than JESUS and everything HE brings in our lives.

Let’s never take JESUS for granted. Don’t just use JESUS but love HIM and know HIM. Put HIM in your mind and keep thinking about HIM. Keep HIM in your memories of everything you went through in your life. HE helped you with stuff you don’t know about. HE’S not looking for credit for it, HE’S looking for a relationship with you.

Remember all the times HE went to batt