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News Anchors Laugh At Funny Baseball Player

News Anchors Laugh At Funny Baseball Player

Taylor Davis is a catcher for the Iowa Cubs baseball team. But it's his antics off the field that are really getting the laughs.

Just watch as these news anchors crack up at this jokester as he makes the most hilarious faces at the camera. Somehow, Taylor has a knack for knowing when the camera is positioned on him and he's always ready to give a memorable face.

Now, his funny moments are being seen all over the Internet. Professional sports can be very stressful, but I'm so glad that Taylor is able to cherish the little moments and find the fun no matter where he is.

Who else is laughing along with this news crew?

OUR HERO! - Iowa Cubs catcher Taylor Davis has an exceptional talent for always finding the camera

Posted by WGN Morning News on Thursday, August 31, 2017