Answering the Problem of Evil 7: Getting Rid of it for Ever, - texted ("Does God Need Glasses?" part 7)

Philosophy is all well and good, but some things are more important: God is going to deal with evil once and for all. This video is about what that has to do with you, because as we saw at the beginning of the series: You matter!
This is nr 7 of the series about "the Problem of Evil" -one of the heaviest subjects in Theology. Well done if you got this far!
Is there an easy-to-understand answer? The answer is “Yes!” Read the Creation Stories the way they're really meant: as Philosophical parables!
They show how God can be good and creator of all things, yet not of Evil. Each part is something to think about, yet makes up a part of a bigger thread of ideas.
I have deliberately kept them as short and simple as reasonable, -this is not enough to cover the subject in depth- but enough to get through easily and grasp the point. In any case, length and academic wording are not the same as profundity.
At the end of the day, however, there is only one important thing to make your mind up about - and only you can do it for yourself: Not “what -ism is this?", "who influenced it?" or “what background does this person have?" but the ultimate question that finally matters and the only truly valid ground for accepting, rejecting or believing anything at all: "Is This True?"
The full series are:
1Why You Matter
2Keeping the Best till last: Womankind
3How Evil Comes About?
4Why God allowed Evil
5What is God doing about it
6The Atom-bomb and the Egg
7Finally Defeating Evil

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