'Don't Let Go' - Song Shows The Power Of Forgiveness

GENTRI's newest song 'Don't Let Go' is a powerful song about how even in our darkest times we can still feel the love and protection of those who love us and that God is always on our side. The lyrics and harmonies are powerful enough but then they are paired with this video, I am absolutely amazed. The video tells a story that will remind you of the parable of the prodigal son. A father and son with a broken relationship finally come to blows and the son leaves the house. He turns to alcohol to dull the pain of living on the streets. After years of living on and off the streets, he finally decides to return home. And though he fears his father's reaction he is greeted with nothing but love. This is the same way that our God greets us with love no matter how far we stray, He will never let go!

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