Neighbor's Kind Gesture For Young Boy With Down Syndrome Goes Viral

Neighbor's Kind Gesture For Young Boy With Down Syndrome Goes Viral

Faith in humanity was officially restored after one neighbor’s simple gesture for a boy with Down Syndrome went viral.

Six-year-old Finn enjoys walks with his family. He especially loves to look at all the flags blowing in the win.

His mom, Brooke, said, "If it's moving, if the wind is blowing, he would sit there for an hour and just watch the flag go back and forth, which is kind of the beauty of Finn, too." But one flag, in particular, always seemed to catch Finn’s eye.

Neighbor Todd Disque has a beautiful American flag mounted on a tree. The flag hangs overtop of the very sidewalk that Finn uses for his family walks. He would always stop to look at the mesmerizing display.

Sometimes, he would even sit down on the sidewalk and just stare. Todd noticed the interaction and decided that Finn needed a more suitable place to rest. That’s when he built a wooden stool just for the boy and placed it beside the tree.

When Finn was on one of his neighborhood walks, the simple stool brought his mother to tears. "It's such a small gesture, but things like this really restore your faith in humanity. Like, there's still good people out there that want to do kind things for no other reason than just to be kind."

It’s moments like these that truly remind us how something so small can make the biggest impact on others. Let us use this beautiful display to inspire us in our own acts of kindness.