MerseyGirls Return To BGT After Simon Cowell Pays For Dancer's Surgery

MerseyGirls Return To BGT After Simon Cowell Pays For Dancer's Surgery

The MerseyGirls return to the Britain’s Got Talent stage with an emotional update to one dancer’s inspirational journey.

In 2017, The MerseyGirls touched the hearts of the world with their powerful audition on Britain’s Got Talent. That’s when we learned that 15-year-old dancer Julia Carlile suffered from scoliosis.

Her diagnosis already affected her dancing ability and, left untreated, it could eventually end her dancing career. Without surgery, Julia thought that this audition could be her very last dance.

That’s when friends from her dancing school decided to work with Julia and create an incredible routine to showcase on the big stage. Their personal story and beautiful dance earned high praise from the judges and crowd. They advanced all the way to the semi-finals of the competition.

But it’s what happened after the show that had everyone talking. Judge Simon Cowell, known for his harsh criticism and brutal honesty, was so moved by Julia’s story that he decided to pay for her surgery.

Simon flew Julia out to America, where she received this life-saving gift. After a year in recovery, Julia and the rest of the MerseyGirls were invited to compete on Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions. The team jumped at the chance to show off their moves and just how far they’ve all come in two years.

After the beautiful routine, Simon Cowell spoke to the group. “It’s one person’s strength and beyond that it’s the friendship and support of which we saw the first time we met you. The fact you are still together and you came back, tonight, it was everything.” What an amazing moment.