Rescue Team Saves Exotic Bird Trapped In Sewer

Rescue Team Saves Exotic Bird Trapped In Sewer

This amazing rescue team worked tirelessly for days on end to save an exotic bird trapped in a sewer. After three days of being stuck, the bird was finally reunited with her owner.

The initial rescue team was from Hope For Paws. They were called to save Millie, the African Grey parrot who had escaped from her owner’s house.

Hope For Paws tried everything they could to get Millie out. Especially since she had already been stuck underground for 24 hours.

They blew an airhorn to try to get her to fly out of the sewer, they put a hose down there to see if the water would make her move, they used the sound of a vacuum to try to scare her out – nothing worked! Millie just stayed frozen in fear down in the sewer.

In order to get a better view of the bird, the team used cameras on remote control cars in order to see down into the narrow sewer. It was a relief to the owner to see that Millie was still alive after being stuck for so many hours.

After failing to rescue Millie with their previous methods, Hope For Paws decided to hire a professional plumber to see if their services could help. Unfortunately, their methods also did not do the trick.

Some volunteers decided to come help with the effort to rescue Millie, and they brought their remote-control cars to push the bird out. With the cars plus Millie’s owner encouraging her to walk toward him, the parrot was finally rescued! Shouts of celebration were heard by all those who were helping with the mission.

What a wonderful animal rescue where so many people came together to work toward a common goal. And what a sweet sight to see that beautiful parrot finally reunited with her family after three long days!

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