Grandparent's Slow Dance Turns Into Jive Audition

Grandparent's Slow Dance Turns Into Jive Audition

Grandparents Dave and Marg earn a standing ovation with their jive audition on Britain’s Got Talent.

61-year-old Dave and 59-year-old Marg have been dancing together for three years. It all started when this married couple was given a gift certificate for dance lessons for Christmas.

It took a lot of coercing for Dave to agree, but finally the two went to Wolverhampton's Zig Zag Dance Factory. From that moment on, they’ve been a grooving duo.

Now, Dave and Marg are taking their talents all the way to the Britain’s Got Talent stage. "We have danced in competitions before but being in front of the judges and an audience, I just went blank. I can't even remember any of the comments! It was just an incredible experience," Dave said to Express And Star.

At first, they start off with a slow dance to ‘Something Stupid’ by Frank Sinatra. The judges look unimpressed as the couple sluggishly moves around the stage. But then, the music changes and Marg’s overcoat comes off to reveal a flashy red dress. The pair kicks it up a notch with a jive audition like no other.

The audience is instantly charmed by the two and judges start moving along to the beat. Dave and Marg easily earned 4 ‘yes’ votes from the judges and will move on to the next round of competition. Even Simon couldn’t resist standing for this lively dance audition.

What an incredible moment for these everyday market traders turned Latin dancers. Who else is looking forward to their next performance?