Parents Have Viral Reaction To Son's Bar Exam Results

Parents Have Viral Reaction To Son's Bar Exam Results

What a sweet video of parents reacting to their son receiving great news about his bar exam results!

The recent law school grad was waiting for his bar exam score for weeks, and when the time came for him to see how he did, he was anxious about seeing the results.

“My hand is shaking,” says the student. You can see how nervous he is as he is taking deep breaths and placing his hand over his beating heart.

Looking for their support, the student waited until his parents came home before opening up the email to see his results.

“Oh Jesus, help me.” His mother says as she is just as nervous as her son to see the outcome.

As the son is reading the email, he shouts with joy! “Congratulations on passing the bar exam!”

Neither him or his parents can contain their excitement! They are all enthusiastically shouting, clapping, and jumping up and down at the great news.

His mother keeps shouting, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Lord Jesus!”

They go back to the screen to read the congratulatory message again. ““Oh! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Jesus!”

Seeing his mother thanking God with shouts of praise reminds me of Psalm 35:27. “But those who want the best for me, let them have the last word - a glad shout! - and say, over and over and over, ‘God is great - everything works together for good for his servant.’"

What a sweet image to see the student weeping happy tears, and his mother thanking God while hugging her son.

God gives such good gifts. He deserves all of our praise and thanksgiving for all the blessings that he gives us. And seeing this mom praising the Lord for the opportunity that was given to her son with such a grateful heart is so sweet and encouraging!

Son Surprises Parents with Bar Exam Results

😩😭❤️ Is anyone else crying tears of joy too?! Congratulations, André!!! You’re going to be an amazing lawyer!

Posted by LightWorkers on Monday, April 8, 2019