'The Passion' Hillsong Worship Acoustic Performance

'The Passion' Hillsong Worship Acoustic Performance

Talented Christian band Hillsong Worship share an acoustic performance of their single ‘The Passion.’

Hillsong is one of the most recognizable names in Christian music. Each one of their songs gives praise to the Lord and spreads His beautiful message of love and hope.

“The passion of our Saviour
The mercy of our God
The cross that leaves no question
Of the measure of His love (we'll now sing together)”

Hillsong Worship has been making music since 1983. At first, they only performed at their home church, in Sydney, Australia. But as their music popularity grew, the group decided to share their talents with the world.

Their first album was released in 1988 and, since that time, Hillsong has become a name synonymous with Christian worship anthems.

Today, these talented vocalists are performing at the famous New Song Café. This special acoustic performance of ‘The Passion’ truly makes each line in the song that much more powerful.

“Our chains are gone
Our debt is paid
The cross has overthrown the grave
For Jesus' blood that sets us free
Means death to death
And life for me”

God made the ultimate sacrifice when He sent His only Son down to Earth to die for our sins. That gift paved the way for our entrance into Heaven. We should never forget that priceless sacrifice that changed our lives for eternity.

This worship song from Hillsong Worship truly gives all the glory to His name. What a perfect way to sing of His wonderful blessings upon our lives.