Britain's Got Talent Winner Colin Thackery Sings 'Love Changes Everything'

Britain's Got Talent Winner Colin Thackery Sings 'Love Changes Everything'

89-year-old Colin Thackery stuns the audience with a finale performance of ‘Love Changes Everything’ on Britain’s Got Talent. When we were first introduced to Colin, he shared the heartfelt story of the love and loss of his wife, Joan. Colin served in the 45th Regiment of the Royal Artillery and nearly died while he was fighting in Korea.

It was just two weeks after his wedding to Joan that he was sent to Korea. Sadly, in 2016, Colin was forced to say goodbye to his love when she died in his arms. His initial audition was full of emotion as he belted out the words to Bette Midler’s ‘Wind Beneath My Wings.’

Then, he sailed through the semi-finals with ‘We’ll Meet Again’ from Vera Lynn. Now, Colin is in the finals of the competition and he performed a heartwarming rendition of ‘Love Changes Everything.’

“Love, love changes everything
Hands and faces, earth and sky
Love, love changes everything
How you live and how you die
Love, can make the summer fly
Or a night seem like a lifetime
Yes love, love changes everything
Now I tremble at your name
Nothing in the world will ever be the same”

Throughout the competition, Colin and the Chelsea Pensioners have touched our hearts. The true emotions and talent from every single performance made Colin an unforgettable act. When he was announced as the 2019 winner of Britain’s Got Talent, the whole crowd went wild. There is no one more deserving of this special honor and I just know that Joan is looking down from Heaven and smiling right now.