Emotional Russian Ice-Skating Routine From Yulia Lipnitskaya Goes Viral

Emotional Russian Ice-Skating Routine From Yulia Lipnitskaya Goes Viral

This viral video of a beautiful and emotional ice-skating routine is a sight to see! The Russian ice-skater is 15-year-old Yulia Lipnitskaya, and her ability and maturity in this performance is well beyond her years.

In the past, Yulia won the grand title of World Junior Champion in 2012, and during the 22nd Winter Olympics, she won a gold medal in her sport. What an accomplishment! She actually became the youngest lady single skater to win a gold medal at the Olympics. After this performance, Yulia was declared a master of sport, which is the highest sporting honor in Russia.

Her performance in this ice-skating routine is mesmerizing. She has a power and intensity while she is skating, as well as being so incredibly graceful out there on the ice. Her moves are spectacular and show off her great flexibility and great spinning technique. One of the announcers during the Olympic performance actually says that Yulia is one of the best spinner in the competition.

Even at her young age, Yulia is able to captivate the large audience while she is skating. “She’s just able to go out and command the ice,” explains one announcer. “Such a small person has such size on the ice.”

“The sign of a great program is when it flashes by in just a moment. And she was so compelling, right from the beginning,” another announcer shares. “Each and every move, woven together, beautifully, flowing with the music. Whether it was jumping or spinning, one thing led to the other, and just took us on this journey.”

God has most certainly blessed Yulia with an abundance of talent and grace. And all the years of hard work and dedication that she has put into her ice-skating career definitely show in this beautiful and moving performance.

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