Man Who Nearly Died Proposes To Nurse That Saved His Life

Man Who Nearly Died Proposes To Nurse That Saved His Life

One man pulls off the ultimate surprise when he proposes to the nurse that previously helped save his life.

37-year-old Damien LeRoy broke multiple bones in his body, including his back and femur when he fell 150 feet during a paragliding accident. He was severely injured from the fall and rushed to St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach Florida.

After nearly losing his life, Damien was nursed back to health by a team of doctors, including nurse Alexandra Hoover. Damien said, “She was just the sweetest person and she cared so much.” He even jokingly asked her if she had a boyfriend during his hospital stay. At the time, Alexandra was seeing someone, but a year later they broke up. That’s when she started dating Damien and their love story unfolded.

When it came time to propose, Damien decided to pull off the big event in the place they first met, the hospital. So, he pretended to be a patient under a blanket while Alexandra was coming into the room to do her rounds. That’s when he popped up from the bed and got down on one knee. Alexandra was visibly shocked. “A hundred things ran through my mind and I couldn’t believe I was seeing him.” She enthusiastically said ‘yes’ and the two embraced.

Looking back on the moment and their meeting, Damien knew everything happened for a purpose. “I was for sure given a second chance in life and for sure I was put there for some reason. Now, I know and now we get to share the rest of our lives together. “ God bless this couple and their marriage.