'Canvas And Clay' Pat Barrett Acoustic Performance

'Canvas And Clay' Pat Barrett Acoustic Performance

Be reminded of the power of our Creator as you listen to ‘Canvas And Clay’ from talented singer and songwriter, Pat Barrett. God took time and detail to create each and every one of us and there is no mistake that we are meant to be on this Earth.

“When I doubt it, Lord, remind me
I'm wonderfully made
You're an artist and a potter
I'm the canvas and the clay”

Pat is most notable for writing the modern day gospel song, ‘Good Good Father.’ Made famous by fellow Christian artist, Chris Tomlin, this mega-hit has been performed all over the world. It continues to be a staple in church services today.

Now, Pat is bringing us another beautiful worship song as he performs ‘Canvas And Clay.’ When speaking about this tune to CCM Magazine, Pat said, “Canvas and Clay is about trusting the process of formation in our lives. I love the picture of God being a master artist.

It makes verses like in Romans 8 He makes all things work together—so dynamic. He uses every aspect of our lives and He doesn’t do waste.”

“You make all things work together
For my future and for my good
You make all things work together
For Your glory and for Your name”

These lyrics are so powerful and they truly remind us that we are all beautiful in God’s eyes. Let us join our voices together and continue to spread His message of grace and love. Who else is with me?

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