Grandma Sings Sweet Song To Her Chihuahua

Grandma Sings Sweet Song To Her Chihuahua

It is a beautiful moment captured on camera when this grandma sings to her sweet Chihuahua.

There is no doubt in my mind that when God placed animals on this Earth, He truly knew what He was doing. This is especially true for dogs, in particular.

These furry friends that ultimately become our pets definitely hold a very special place in our hearts. They become a part of our family and it is always a heartwarming relationship to witness.

Dogs are known for being loyal and giving us unconditional love. And the bonds we create with our canine friends are indescribable. This woman tried to put her feelings into words as she sweetly serenades her Chihuahua.

Just listen as she sings the beautiful words of ‘More Than I Can Say.’

“I love you more than I can say
I'll love you twice as much tomorrow
Oh love you more than I can say
Oh oh yea yea
I miss you ev'ry single day
Why must my life be filled with sorrow
Oh love you more than I can say”

I just love how the puppy lays right down on his human’s shoulder as she sings to him. At one point, I thought he might even fall asleep. It’s obvious that there is so much love between these two and the lyrics of this song are the perfect display of emotion.

I think I could watch this clip all day long. Who else was overcome with smiles after watching this precious pair?

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