Andrea Bocelli And Jennifer Garner 'Dormi Dormi Lullaby' Duet

Andrea Bocelli And Jennifer Garner 'Dormi Dormi Lullaby' Duet

Award-winning vocalist Andrea Bocelli duets with actress Jennifer Garner for the beautiful song ‘Dormi Dormi Lullaby.’

This special tune is featured on Andrea’s upcoming album ‘Si Forever.’ After a 14-year hiatus from releasing an album, Andrea produced ‘Si’ in 2018.

This international success proved that this Italian vocalist is still a powerhouse. Though he was still performing and collaborating with other artists during this time, fans were definitely ready for an Andrea album release.

Now, Andrea is releasing a deluxe version of this critically acclaimed album that includes this incredible duet with fan-favorite actress Jennifer Garner.

“Dormi dormi o mio bambino
Sulle onde qui vicino
E sogna gli angeli del ciel
Dormi dormi mio tesor
Resta sempre nel mio cuor”

While many people know Jennifer from her work in films, not many know that she also likes to sing. Normally, her children are her only audience. But, when famed singer-songwriter Andrea Bocelli requests to sing a duet with you, it’s an offer no one can turn down.

He told People magazine, “I came to discover that aside from being a brilliant movie and television actor, among her many talents Jennifer Garner is also a very good singer. It is said that your voice is a reflection of the soul and the depth of your values is conveyed through your voice.”

This sweet song is already becoming a favorite for Jennifer’s children and it’s sure to become loved by many others around the world. What a beautiful duet from these two incredible talents!