Rockin' 80-Year-Old Drummer Earns The Golden Buzzer

Rockin' 80-Year-Old Drummer Earns The Golden Buzzer

This 80-year-old drummer is going viral after his incredible performance earned the golden buzzer on Central Asia’s Got Talent.

There are a lot of people that think when you reach a certain age, you are unable to participate in physical activities or truly enjoy life. But I think that we all know that is farthest from the truth. And this man is setting out to prove everyone wrong as he auditions for the popular Asian talent competition.

Just watch as this elderly gentlemen steps onto stage and sits down at the drums. He stops off relatively slow, but then, out of nowhere, he starts to pick up the pace and really show off his skills.

Without missing a beat, listen as this man drums along with the music as the crowd looks on in awe. He truly made this performance look so easy. But his talent was not lost on the audience.

Before the performance was even over, one of the judges was moved to stand up and press the coveted golden buzzer. This means that the drummer will automatically move on in the competition and we will see another incredible routine.

This 80-year-old is proof that if we set our minds to it and have a goal, this is no limit to what we can achieve. He is such an inspiration to so many all around the world and I’m definitely looking forward to what he does next.

Who else was stunned when they heard this man play the drums?